hey guys/gals

While building my first guitar its got my creative edge going and i, thinking along the lines of a small amp build as im currently playing through a vox amplug metal as im yet to replace my engl powerball after selling it to pay for the birth of my daughter nearly 2 yrs ago.

Anyway, ive read a lot of threads but most point towards the little jem which doesnt exactly sound metal or say start with pedal builds - problem is with using an amplug i dont use pedals.

This isnt somthing im hoping to pick up and build over a weekend so i dont mind it being slightly complex but i am a novice so id like to start simpleish but again if its not the sound i want its a pointless build so i wont have the passion to finish it.

Also what sort of budget will i require for a decent small build in the UK?

So then, any advice guys?
The reason most threads say "start with pedals" or "build a little gem" is because it's good solid advice.

You say you're a novice. Novices can't build complex amps. Gain experience by building pedals.

At the very least, see them to fund your electronics building.
Metal Amps are probably the most complex guitar amps there are. If you wanted to build one, a Dr Boogie into a simple IC power amp would be an OK option. I would recommend to do some solid state (transistor) electronics before jumping in to the world of tubes.

Edit: Look at AX84 projects (hi octane?) for a tube amp that can work for metal and rock.
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