So i am planning on purchasing a Line 6 Floor Pod Plus in a few days. Is it a good and reliable pedal? I just wanna make sure I am getting a quality product. Anything better for the price or around that price range? Anything I should be concerned about? Just fill me in. Experiences with the product? Any input would be fantastic.


EDIT: forgot to mention, I will be plugging it into a behringer bass amp most likely, and sometimes just some high quality speakers. I play metal. also will use it for straight recording
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well i got one and im happy with it, but it's not always practical

You will most likely need to program the banks yourself and you cant just quicly throw in an effect while you're playing. (like when you want chorus, but you dont have a channel programmed with it).

The sounds are good and the pedal is great. it is usable for both volume and wah

Also the pod is limited to 1 effect and 1 delay at a time

only buy if this is exactly what you want
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Its good for what the man above me said, my friend has one and its quite good but you cant change anything on the fly. Personally myself i love the Pod XT Live i would save up a little more and get one of those, or maybe just go used and get the XT Live off ebay or something.
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