i was fixing the sting height on my bass, and got very weird fret buzz after. I only get them on the 18th fret of the E string, 17fret of the A string and the 17th and 18th fret of the D string. how do i fix this? also, on subject, how low should the string be? on my guitar, i like them real real low, like shredding low, but i have no idea how low they are supposed to be on the bass. currently, its (give or take a few mm) 1cm above the fretboard.


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Here's a good guide to setting string height:
Make sure your string heights match up with your bass's radius. I personally like to have them as low as possible without them buzzing. So yeah, if you dont like the way they buzz, just try raising them up a little bit.

EDIT: You can also set the strings' height using the truss rod but I'm definitely not qualified to tell you how to do that
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I hate when people describe fret buzz as awkward. It's like your fret buzz is going down the hallway making bad jokes and bumping into people like "Oh geeeze sorry guysss."

It's not just fret buzz, it's other things too.

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