im having a problem with my amp well not a problem just im wandering whether its s*** or not i bought it for 60 qwid its a large 50 watt marshall g50r cd and its all good apart from the palm muting....i hear bands and when they palm mute its ot a real like erm how do i put it like a growl to it its actually got a tone...like on the tab on here for number of the beast it says the hole intro to it iis palm muted it sounds kickass from iron maiden when i play it....its like a dull thud with a slight note....

it could be my guitar its a les paul stagg if that makes any diffrence thanks for any help....

and am i doing the palm muting right...sounds silly but you do put your hand over the strings and play the frets haha sorry...jus i dont kno whats going on trying every possability

and please no abuse i admit i dont kno much but at least im askin and im not preaching some bull s***

and yes my grammer is bad i dont care wen im not writing essays i type like this dont get on at me please

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move your hand as close to the bridge as possible

thanx =D hehe i feel silly jus it only makes a little diffrence still =/ i meen its better but only a little
and DON'T push down with your muting hand too hard
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Just rest the side me your hand on the strings as close to the bridge as you can without the strings ringing.
If that doesnt fix it. Try playing with the eq on your amp.
It may not be a good guitar but it should still be able to palm mute.
It's just technique, when I play palm muted stuff on an unplugged electric, it still sounds right.
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The side of your palm should rest on the strings where they cross the bridge, not further up, like towards the pickups.

It could be your amp settings as well. Is your gain set high enough?

Also make sure the pickup volume & tone knobs on your guitar are cranked all the way.
Try to play with the song, bass and drums might have an effect on the tone?

And with palm muting, to close the bridge and it's muddy, to far and the tone is dead. Find the sweet spot.