So I am kind of stuck on which multi effects pedal to get. I want one with good distortion. I also want a pedal on the side for wah and volume. I have been looking at Line 6 and some digitech. I dont know what is right for me though. I just want to be able to click a button and be on my clean channel, and then click another button and be on distortion. Please tell what pedal is good for me. I will be putting it through a Behringer amp and I will use it for straight recording too. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT. My price range is 200-300 Canadian dollars
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Increase your budget a bit and look into the POD X3 LIVE, or the POD XT LIVE.
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Digitechs don't have very good distortion if you ask me.
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Well what i did is got given a boss me-6 and then bought a distortion pedal(digitech hot head) but the me-6 isnt avaliable anymore but is analouge and sounds great for a multifx.

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Digitechs don't have very good distortion if you ask me.

I agree. I don't use my RP-250 for distortion anymore. Everything else on it is great though.
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Just don't get a multi-effects pedal....I have many friends who thought it;d be a good idea at the time but like 6 months theyre regretting it and are wanting to sell it...in my opinion, I prefer stompboxes and stand alone effects because when you buy a multi-effects processor you're paying for a ton of effects, some you may never use...and also some will sound like crap...so if you buy stand alone pedals you'll be buying what you want exactly....

tl:dr: You'll regret buying the multi-effects pedalboard...
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