A local shop has one of these used for $440 and I'm wondering if I should snag it. I've been really digging the British tone, and I've been considering either a Bugera 1990 or a JCM 900, but this seems like it fits the bill very nicely, more reliable than the Bugera for the same price, and less than the Marshall.

Anyone have any opinions on this amp? I've heard good things, but I'd like some first hand reviews on reliability and tone. Is $440 a good price for this amp used? I've had literally zero experience with Laney amps personally.
No idea if the price is reasonable because I'm not too familiar with prices in the US, but I can tell you something about this amp.

Basically, it's a heavily modded JCM800 (not JCM900) - it has more gain and more tonal options (push-pull EQ pots, at least some of AORs have 'em). It's extremely reliable, extremely ugly and probably an extremely good way to emulate this famous JCM800 tone without shelling out too much quid. Still you gotta remember that it has only one channel, and actually it sound the best when driven hard, producing really meaty, grainy tone.
JCM 800's are one channel heads, the laney I don't know
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