You may write of something that you hate or you think its wrong and you believe it should be changed ,,than go ahead ,,,,,,
People keep asking us where Paul is. That's a really funny question. See, if Paul was still in the band then we wouldn't have a new fucking record. That's why Paul isn't in the band anymore. (by Maynard James Keenan)
I think there should be a forum just for this, like a Site Feedback

oh wait
Stupid people. Unless they do something stupid that is lol worthy.
I'm a real cool kid.
if someone has something they think should be changed they can take it to site feedback

EDIT: Damn you other mod, stealin' ma close!
On vacation from modding = don't pm me with your pish
lulz. davey in 4 da close interception.

have you ever gone to close a thread, only to find out you accidentally re-opened it? i did that once. i think carmel thought i was just trying to steal her glory.
I do that all the time. I am literally forever opening up threads mel has closed and then closing them again quickly and quietly...
On vacation from modding = don't pm me with your pish