Does anyone own one of these? Or has anyone ever owned one?

I've checked out alot of youtube videos on it, and it seems to sound real good, though I really don't like Steve Vai.

I'd like to buy one, but my worry is that I'm only going to be able to get the STEVE VAI tone from it. I mean it is his signature pedal and whatnot, but I'd like to get other tones out of it.
Lots of pedals.
if it only gave you one sound, it wouldn't have knobs. try it at your local guitar store.
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I've played one - I really didn't like it.

Saying that - I've owned a JEM 7VWH and I thought the neck was amazing - the sound wasn't great - the build quality was dire. Worst finish of any guitar I've owned.

It's not bad, but I'd hit the modded pedals circuit instead.

Prices are stupid too.
I haven't tried one to be honest, but I've intended to at some point. I've heard it doesn't give a very good steve vai tone though, and that it's pretty much a modded DS-1 and a TS in the same housing.
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