Can I replicate an alternate tuning in substitution of a capo? I don't have a capo.
For ex. Capo on 3rd=Open G tuning ???? IDK, can it be done?
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Just play barre chords, providing the song allows for it (i.e. theres no wierd voicing of open chords)
if you tune up your guitar neck will most likely warp...like if tune up a step and a half then your guitar neck will not be used to the pressure and MIGHT have some serious problems...
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learn what the chords are with the Capo (ie : you need to play a C major with the capo on third fret, a C major in position of the third fret would be E major, so just play an E major)

I counted odd, i ment Eb major xD or D# major if you dont like flats
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He's not talking about tuning up to where the capo would be, he's talking about using open G instead of a capo on the 3rd fret, to recreate the sense of having more open strings(I think)

It's a good idea to experiment with alternate tunings, and to learn how to play songs without a capo(barre chords etc), but I recommend investing in a capo - theyre cheap and extremely useful!
Would it not be far easier to simply use a capo than retune your guitar every time, though? Technically, the basic chords to any song should be able to be transposed into different tunings, but there's no guarantee it'll sound similar.