So, I'm looking at buying my second acoustic, I'm looking at used ones, and I've found some deals on the following guitars;

Takamine EG540- £240
Tanglewood TW47- £250
Tanglewood TW70- £260
Tanglewood TW45FR- £250

The price is probably negotiable around this, but they're half or less of RRP, what I'd like to know, is if anyone has any experience with any of these guitars?
There's not really a way to try any of them out apart from going to the seller's house and trying, which is what I will do before I buy, but to be able to narrow this list down so I don't have to drive around so much would be good .
I know some of them are electro-acoustic, but I don't really mind, as when I gig I can mic it through a PA or use an Amp, I just want the best sound available for the price.