Well, as you can see by my sig, I've been saving for a 6505 112 combo lately, but I've been thinking of getting something smaller since for the band that I'm in I really use my drummer's Hughes and Kettner Switchblade. I was thinking the Blackstar HT-5, and it's 100% going to be tube. I'm just looking for something to get away from the sound of the Spider III.

I play the cliched "rock and metal",which ranges from Umphrey's McGee and Pink Floyd to Nevermore and Megadeth.

So, any recommendations for a tube amp in the $400 USD range with good cleans and a lot of gain, and/or any distortion pedals for the Megadeth/Nevermore stuff?

Also, sorry to all of you people who've seen too many of these threads.
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5 watts is not nearly enough to play over a drummer (unless you mic it, which costs more money and is a bit of a hassle). Just buy the 6505 combo. It's a hell of a deal, and it's not too loud.

I am also going to recommend the Mesa DC-3. It's only 35 watts (that's still very loud). Really good cleans and distortion for metal if paired with a decent overdrive.
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the overhead on the dc might not be enough for the clean. I would say go with what you want and dont just settle. If it means waiting and saving longer trust me it is worth it. 6505 has an awful clean also.
Like I said though, I use my drummer's Hughes and Kettner Switchblade, we've done a little family thing or 2 with it and it worked perfectly. This is for home practice.

@ joey arce: Yeah, that's what I've heard about its cleans.
Ibanez RG350DX
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Currently saving for:
Agile/Gary Kramer 7 string
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The HT 5 will not cut it. Seriously, just keep saving and get the real deal. These boards are full of guys trying to make there amp into something it isn't. Then they try to sell it at a loss and get what they should have gotten in the first place. Save your money, plenth of great deals used. You are close.