Ok. I want to BE Geddy Lee. lol
How should I start learning his style?
What songs are best to start with and which should come more natural later?
Any adivce, tip, suggestion is welcome!!!
Tom Sawyer is an easy one.
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practice. that is quite a task you are trying to accomplish. erm, i guess you can start out on learning the bass line to "fly by night". Look online to see if there is a guide that shows what kind of scales and techniques he uses
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Watch a few of his videos, particularly the simple ones where he doesnt move his fretting hand around to much. As mentioned above, Freewill is easy and sounds great, so that would be a good place to start.

He tends to pick around the bridge, very closely to get a very tight growl that is particularly noticable in Tom Sawyer and YYZ. If His basslines from about Caress of Steel onwards trouble you, try some from their debut album. Its not as obviously Geddy, but they are far more minimalist and classic rock styled.
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I have one tip and it's this: while Geddy Lee is a great bass player, if there's one thing you don't ever want to do it's copy his technique (well, personally it may be worse to copy his style than his technique...). How he plays the instrument is pretty brutal in terms of proper technique, so just be wary of copying a little too much (anything).
Temple of the Syrinx is incredibly easy. Tom Sawyer is pretty easy as well. No picks eh