I've been writing alot of songs lately (as in lyrics) but don't know how to go about building the foundations of the song on bass (playing on my own atm, so no guitars or drums, just looking to get some music to the words for now, so that when I meet with the band there's something to build on)

Anyone have any tips??
I think it's kinda hard to make a song on bass. I guess you can get the chord changes.

I play in a band, and I write most of the songs in our group. I play bass, but I write guitar parts for our guitarists, who usually writes the second guitar part.

My bass parts are always different each practices/shows.
My advice is to think of the voice as another instrument. I assume you have a melody for your lyrics so you just need to write a melodic or rhythmic support as you would for any other kind of melody.
play root notes, and see what you think it needs from there. sometimes, roots are what you want. if the song needs more umph, add a heavy walkdown. if you want something more melodic, add a whipping set of runs. if you need a little more 'yeeehaw', do a root fifth pattern.

also, listen to music with basslines similar to what you want. listen to how that song does it. that may help you get ideas.
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