I've been doing more and more gigs, and am going to need a more powerful amp by 10 months from now at most. What would be a good halfstack for me in the range of maybe up to $700? (I'm looking for a halfstack because I'll save for a new head after I get the stack). I've been looking at the Gallien-Krueger Backline 600/Goldline 4x10 Stack and the Acoustic B200H with the B410 cab.

I play metal (such as Metallica), alternative, classic rock, blues, and occasionally folk.
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cheaper stuff because you dont have guitar center or mf taking half the profit.
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

I think you'll be happy with that...it's a great rig. I've got it, and let me tell you if you can't find a tone you like on this thing, you need new ears.

Also, there won't be a need to upgrade the head later with this, so you can buy cabs or pedals or something instead.
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Check EBAY for Carvin stuff first. The Carvin company itself sells B-stock or Blemished items on Ebay for a discount.