This is a song I just finished with my band. It's the first part of a trilogy, and as the name would suggest it's progressive, although this first part is hard to describe...

Anyway, general critique is much appreciated, and if anyone has experience with eq'ing vocals then I'd really like some advice on how to improve these ones.



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This is very well built and played. I really like the guitar work in there.
I feel an execution quality gap between the vocals and the other instruments.
As far as I'm concerned, the vocals are dragging the song down. It's not a question of sound or eq, I just don't like the voice and displayed skills of the singer. But big kudos for the music.

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Intro is great.
The clean lead over the chords is nice, but could use more volume.
Nice piano bit. I'm digging the storm sample.
I'm not really digging the vocals though..
2:25 was amazing. Easily my favorite part of the song.
The solo at 2:44 was also good. I love the tone.
The vocal melody just before the 4 minute mark was good.
Listening to the piano, i think it could use a bit of reverb to give it a more epic feel. It sounds to electronic.
Loving the synth outro.
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love the acoustic guitar sound! the clean guitar on my left is cool too, although it was a bit awkward in some places. quality was good too. i think you should at some point abandon the strings and move to real bass guitar. loving the guitar! piano that comes in is brilliant. piano could use more reverb, but i love the melody. the vocals were really cool, and i thought they fit well. the just need a bit of work on timing in places. the harmonies were great! i don't know if you've ever heard a band called "flaw" but you really remind me of them. the guitar in this really is fantastic. i wasn't really a fan of the distorted guitar, i thought it was a bit thin. i like the "bridge". one thing i would say about the vocals is that i'd like to hear some more emotion in them. go ahead and scream a bit!

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keep it up, a little more aggressive vocals and its perfect, dont be afraid to sing out
Cheers for the feedback on my song.

The melody played over the acoustic chords at the beginning sounded great but the tone of the piano could have been better.

The song could have used some percussion throughout I think.
I loved the organ outro, it was a great ending.

I'll definitely be listening to more of your stuff!
nice strumming pattern. i love how it gets louder and louder to give it a building block affect. nice playing. this reminded me of a thunderstorm/mystic ghost ship kind of thing. i though the paino tone was good. the vocals sounded good. but it seems like youre kind of holding back at times. like during the chorus let all hell break loose. liked the little runs right before and around the 230 mark. well played and written. overall a cool indie type sounding song. i would go see you play live. this is great stuff.

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