Yeah...I want to find a website where I can download some new taskbar skins - anyone got a good site? I googled, didn't find what I desired.
As of yet, all I've been able to use were Alienware skins

Sorry, I'm not sure there are any

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If you like the look of Mac OS X, Flyakiteosx is pretty good from my personal experience

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deviant art is good for themes. the best way to apply them is by patching xp's uxtheme file to allow it to accept third party themes
crystalxp.net is great
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Hey, can anyone tell me how I would go about putting a new theme on my Windows XP?

Where do I find themes, how do I install them, etc?

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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
Google search "UXTheme Patch" and download it, then use DeviantART.
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Download a program called Windowblinds. (not free... technically)