Alright, I have nobody to play with, no harmony pedal or recording software to layer tracks with. So, I had the idea to match two strings in pitch so I could play slower harmonies with myself by making chords, like this:

D -- 4 <------ I tune this string to match the A string.
A ---2
E ---

Anytime I play one of these chords, it ends up sounding dissonant and crappy and not harmony-like at all. Why are my harmonies so terrible sounding?
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maybe you need to fix your guitar's intonation. even though the strings might be in tune when you play them open, they might not be in tune higher up the neck. look it up?
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If you're tuning each string to the same pitch, and playing what you showed, then you are playing an interval of a 2nd, which will sound dissonant. You need to tune the D string to be a half step higher than your A, and play the same thing, which will give you a 3rd. Or, you could tune it a whole step higher than the A string and get a different 3rd.
Fleeting--- That's the thing, though. What I gave you guys was just one example. I've tried 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths in that tuning without any luck.
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Alright, I have nobody to play with, no harmony pedal or recording software to layer tracks with.
You can't afford free?

You can record with Audacity, and it's open source and costs nothing. Just thought I'd mention that. You'll still need some way to get the guitar audio into your sound card, but the software is not a problem:

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Diatonic 3rds is what's going to sound best, you're likely just playing straight minor or major thirds which is why it doesn't sound right, because it's not what you're used to hearing.

I don't understand why you needed to arse around with tuning, you're just overcomplicating the issue. It's not exactly hard to play intervals on the guitar in standard tuning - probably easiest on the D and G strings though as all you need to do is play the middle 2 notes of a barre chord.
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