Hey, it's me again, I think this is my last question about what I can post up as music. I wanted to know if I am able to add the song underneith my guitar play. For example, If I were to record "Sweet Child O' Mine", am I allowed to put the original song behind my playing, so I would have singing, drums, bass, and rythmn. Thanks again for all you guys help.
you can use backing tracks, just not the actual song if i understand it right. just ask a mod though to be sure.
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There's never any harm in asking. There's a disclaimer that you have to tick before you upload anyway, but it's best to be safe.
Yeah I have uploaded a couple of songs that I wrote, but I wasn't sure if it would be classified as copyrighted if it was just a backing track, thanks for your help.
Just one more quick question, If I take an original song, and play it myself, then can I upload it?
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Just one more quick question, If I take an original song, and play it myself, then can I upload it?
lol wut? if it's an original song, that means YOU wrote it. You can do whatever you like with your own work, unless you've sold the rights to the recording to someone else.

Maybe you mean a Cover Song?
Your performance of a copyrighted song is fine.
It must be you, or you and your band playing all the parts.
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I have heard of people selling off the rights just to get signed and not being allowed to perform songs they wrote themselves after they loose the label. the industry is a shady beast.
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Check the copyright for dummies thread (stickied) in Musician Talk. Nobody can prevent you from performing anything live.

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