Im using a marshall 8412 cabinet ( this is a valvestate cabinet 4x12 from the 90s ) .. its like a 3/4 size cabinet since its smaller than a regular 1960a or jcm cabinet . i like its size cause its not too heavy and fit in the backseat of my car . its not the greatest wood but it fit my need perfectly

its loaded with celestion g12l-35 watts ... . these speaker are great for what they are but arent really tight for metal but theyre perfect for low volume use .

i was wondering if its possible to modded the cabinet and put lets say 2 x celestion vintage 30 in the upper part and keep the originals 2x12 in the lower part of the cab and have a toggle switch in the rear ???

i jsut realized i dont need a 4x12 of the same speakers ... id like to carry a bit of versatility by being able to switch for one pair of speakers to another .

thx for any info .

( of course i would have the speakers pair wired ( parralel or series ) to keep the impedance ok with my amp at i.e 8 ohm without mismatching .
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Very good idea, yet i have no idea how to do it.
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