i was wondering i have some lemon oil but it says not to put on maple frets, and i was wondering what kind of neck my epiphone les paul standard (ebony), i know its not maple but just wondering what it is hahah
if you're talking about the fretboard its most likely rosewood.
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It has a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. When the bottle says not to put it on maple frets, it's referring to the actual surface of the wood of the fretboard, not the central neck material. For example, you might have a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and still use lemon oil.

Also, I'm pretty sure all Epiphones use rosewood fretboards. Use the lemon oil on it if it looks dry or faded.
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It'll be a rosewood fretboard for sure, and lemon oil is fine to put on it.

The reason you don't put it on maple necks is because maple has to have a hard finish on it, just like your guitar's body does. The oil can do all sorts of things to the finish: on a nitro finish the oil can severely discolour the finish and in some cases depending on the thickness of the finish and the specific make up of the oil it can partially strip the finish, on a poly finish it can cause discolouring and it can also end up pooling on the finish or run everywhere.

You only use lemon oil on wood which has no finish applied to it and that has large enough grain to accept it. Rosewood (Indian and Brazilian) is the most common fretboard that fits these requirements, though there are some species of ebony, ziricote, purpleheart, pao ferro, cocobolo and kingswood that are used as fretboards that can benefit from it too.
Not everyone who sues guitars made with those woods will need to use it though, it depends on the make up of the natural oils in your skin. Some people find the oils their skin makes are slightly more acidic to the wood and will dry out a fretboard quicker, while other people find the natural oils in their skin keep the wood in top condition. Some of the better woods, and the better quality examples of those woods, can simply be so oily that they never need oiling no matter what your skin is like anyway. On the other hand if the guitar is left in a dry and warm place for a long time without being played, even the oiliest wood will eventually dry out.

If you have a rosewood fretboard - which in this case, you do - and it's looking worn out, the brown colouring is fading to grey and it feels very rough and dry, then you may need to oil it.

Get a microfibre cloth - this is important because tissue or a normal piece of cloth will leave small fibres stuck in the wood grain and around the frets, which over time can build up and cause problems - hold it over the end of the bottle of lemon oil, and very lightly and quickly tip the bottle upside down (with the cloth well covering the end) so the cloth gets just a small amount of the oil on it. Then lightly rub it around the fretboard, try to use small circular motions and try to stay away from the fretwire and from any part of the neck that has a finish on it (i.e. the back and sides). There is such a thing as 'too much oil'. Any more than one or two small drops is too much. You're not trying to soak the wood, you're just trying to very lightly moisten it.

If your fretboard isn't showing actual signs of drying out, it's best to leave it as it is. Over-oiling wood or using oil on wood that doesn't need it can cause problems.
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k thx guys... and i know not to put on the neck, lol just frets.... i know more then you think just not about the wood materials... thx guys
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and i know not to put on the neck, lol just frets
... No, you don't put it on the frets. At best it'll just run off them and at worst it'll corrode them over time if you keep doing it.
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