This really isn't a very good piece. But I needed to write it all down and this is exactly what I wrote. I really don't care much about what I can change other than grammar and such. I want to keep it mostly how it is. It's a really personal piece for me. I'll be out of town for a week and wanted to post this before I left. C4C- might be a while, at least until I get back so be patient. Thanks

Harris Road

I heard from a friend that TJ was pretty messed up. That he sleeps in till 2:00 in the afternoon, either from his hangover or his drugs. I remember two years ago when his parents heard he had dropped out of school. They didn't care. His mom took care of him, at least until they started fighting. Then he would move in with his dad. He started off fine, he hade a job at an auto shop. Making just enough money to afford a ****ty apartment. That kid was better than that. He scored nearly a perfect SAT score. He had a full scholarship to one of the best schools in the area. It was about 6 months after dropping out that he began smoking pot. Not just a little, he was smoking nearly as much as he could get his hands on. He would give as much money as he had to his dealers in return for his fix. At the end of the month he had no money for rent. So he moved back in with his dad. Comepletely dependent on his family, he would steal money from his sister in order to buy drugs. About that time, he started shooting heroin. A more expensive and a much higher effect drug. When his sister found out about the money he'd been taking, she called the cops. He worked his way out of it though, he payed her back with money he'd stolen from his dad. Now he's wasted practically all day long. He also drinks. Heavily. I haven't seen him in a couple years, but I heard you can smell him from all the way down the hall.

I remember when we all used to play video games together. We'd play Super Smash Bros. and James Bond and Mario. That was when they lived next door. Probably 8 years ago or more. God, we had so much fun catching frogs in the back yard and shooting each other with squirt guns not caring if we still had our nice clothes on. We'd play all kinds of games in the summer time. It was just great for all of us kids to play together with no hassle. But as we all learned. Life is like a vase. Just a beautiful thing but oh so fragile. Maybe i'll go visit TJ tomorrow. I can't bear to hear such awful things about him. Maybe we can all get together sometime. In the old neighborhood and the houses across the street from each other, where we used to live. That would be fun............