Ok, so my bandmate and I were playing around on Jamstudio.com and one of the guitar tracks had a sort of "wika-wika" sound, and we want to recreate that on my guitar. How exactlly do you do that?
wah pedal and palm mute? not sure what you mean a sound clip would help
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Probably muted strings and wah like Vinnie5 mentioned.

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Try a wika pedal.

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wah pedal and palm mute? not sure what you mean a sound clip would help

yup, that's it

or wah pedal with the strings muted by fretting hand...
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Go back and forwarth with a Wah while muting all of your strings with your fingers.
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Try a wika pedal.

Could be a lot of things. Need a sound clip.

Or look it up on wikapedia.

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like tom morrello?

Thats what I thought too. Sounds like the sound you'd sort of get from being a disc jockey.
Not sure what you mean.

But if your guitar has 2 volume pickups

Turn one to 0 and the other to 10 and switch between the 2 pickups while like..."dj'ing" the strings
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mute the strings and use a wah-wah. that's pretty much the exact same "wika-wika" from Bulls on Parade by RATM, if that's what you mean.
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