so right now i got a Marshall mg13ms2 and its much crap and am looking for a new amp, don't really want to play more than 300 dollar and was looking at the Fender Frontman 212R 100W 2x12 Combo Amp. anyone know if its a good amp or got any recomendations on what i should get still kind of new to electric guitar
I've played the fender, its a solid amp. Great clean channel and plenty loud, but I don't know if itl stand its own in anything larger than a small venue. Distortion channel sucks, use effects pedals through the clean if you're going to get it
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Okay first off, what kind of music do you play and what is your equipment now, besides the Marshall?
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Since you're new to guitar, a Peavey Vypyr or Vox VT would be nice. There is a lot of effects to mess around with. It would help to know what genres you play
Right now i have a Epi les paul custom and a DS7 distortion pedal(never really use it). I try to play the music i listen to like some blink, brand new, interpol, my chem, TBS, billy talent, jimmy eat world, rise against, and stuff like that. I would love to make my current amp sound good but ive tried and not knowing much about amps doesn't help.
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Is the MG15 micro stack really that bad or is it me? when i play unplugged or play acoustic it sounds fine, but i just cant get a good sound out of it , it just sounds like a radio station out of tune and really fuzzy. it has great clean but i like to play with overdrive and the ds7 pedal i can get to sound right through my clean channel