I used to own this amp and it did the job. Although eventually one of the channels blew out so i couldn't biamp any more, but the amp was 15 years old. Its a good sounding head, it doesn't have any unique tonal characteristics or features, it just provides awesome no frills tone. The transparency of this amp really complemented my EBMM's. My major gripe with this amp is that you cannot bridge the two power amps, so if your only using one cab your only getting 200W @ 4 ohms. The compressor essentially does almost nothing. But when paired with a nice cab I can't see why you couldn't get a nice sound out of it.
Do you think the cabs that come with the one in the link are any good?
I'm going to bet the cabs are "pre-tweeter" cabs and will therefore not quite nail the modern sound in any sense. But hell, the Ampeg SVT810 is both sealed and tweeterless but people still love it. I say smash your bass, cut off all your fingers, and shoot yourself to complete the circle, but that's just me.

Anyway, if you don't mind having tweeterless cabinets, this would make a good set at a decent price. The wattage level is a bit low, but I'm sure the sheer amount of speakertry (a new word) will compensate.
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