I'm popping pills but not getting high
it's not an obsession it's my life
I lost my will to survive
it's not a tragedy, I'm doing just fine

I have found some sort of comfort
just in moving on
Just some ****ing closure
that's all I'm asking for

I'm a liar and a theif
could you ask for more?

I have found an exit
but it's not a door


I am the ****ing culprit
I live to see you cry
and I never felt so cold
then as I pulled away

and if I wanted hell
I didn't mean to take you with me

pre-breakdown (before I get comments on how it switches perspective it's meant to, it's like someone responding to the rest of the song):
You want to die, well ain't that nice of you
you ****ing bitch, you ****ing lay in the bed you made
you wanted silence, all you had to do is say so
I'll shut my mouth and let this monster take the floor

Breakdown 2.
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Very emotional and strong, I didnt really have much of a problem with. Very angry, very easy to see what you were saying, (perhaps to easy, maybe some more wordplay?). Good work.

C4C? Sig.
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