Hey I made some good cash and i think the best way to spend it would be is on a pedal board. I play in a cover band, a jazz band, a big band and a soul/gospel band. I want some sort of chorus(boss?), a wah(not sure), a envelope filter, (mxr auto q i was thinking), a delay(boss dd 20 giga dealy?) and throw me one something else that could come in handy thanks.

my rig is currently a laney rb9 head with a laney 410 cab and a fender active mim jazz bass.

p.s i already have a distortion pedal
Well, when it comes to Chorusing, both the Digitech bass chorus & Electro Harmonics chorus pedal are highly respected, so they're worth trying out, there's also the Boss, but I'm generally not a fan, they're good pedals, but IMO not amazing.
Wahs, looking at the genres that you play, I would suggest either an EBS wah (if budget allows), or a Morley TM Stevens Fonk Wah (they look bloody great in the demos) or a Dunlop Bass Crybaby.
Evelope filter, Electro Harmonics make a damn good filter, with the QTron, but I also quite like the Digitech Bass Syth-Wah Evelope Filter, it does the job & if you want to swap to some synthy type sounds (or even an octave type sound( it can do that aswell.
As for delays, there are afew really nice top end delay set ups, my personal two favourites (that I've heard) are the Eventide TimeFactor, & the Line 6 DL4.

Happy shopping, & welcome to spending hours tweaking your board untill it's perfect, then waking up the next day to realise, you need a completely different sound lol