Awhile back I learned the song Kashmir - Led Zeppelin on guitar. It has that special tuning of DADGAD where you tune down the E, B, and e. I was just wondering if there are any other songs in which you HAVE to use DADGAD to play, other than Kashmir. I know that zeppelin uses many different tuning for they're songs (ex: The Rain Song) so I am not entirely sure. Thanks for the help <:
Lots of fingerstyle songs. Everybody's going to say Drifting by Andy McKee, so I'll suggest Jump, as played by Thomas Leeb. The Rain Song tuning is cool (not DADGAD of course), different tunings are a great way to get your mind thinking on a different wavelength.
the acoustic song from the movie "The Punisher" its by Mark Collier I think
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I suggest you look into Michael Hedges material. His most famous instrumentals would have to be Ragamuffin, which is in DADGAD, and Aerial Boundaries, which is in CCDGAD. Along with being one of, if not the most pivotal players in the history of the acoustic guitar, he was also a fantastic musician and vocalist.

Other musicians I suggest you look into would be Pierre Bensusan, who is often considered to be the most complete DADGAD player, and Eric Roche. Eric Roche's arrangements of Jump and Smells Like Teen Spirit are available to view on youtube, and have been covered by many guitarists, among them Thomas Leeb.

EDIT: I must add, the music composed and arranged by the players I have mentioned is often highly complex, with very intricate phrasing. Nothing you are likely to hear them play will be in any way easy.
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I am sure that "That's the way" by Zeppelin uses this tunning as well
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