I am kind of a beginner guitarist (been playing for about 6 months). I was wanting a book that would go over music theory and scales, but in terms of a guitar. Are there any good ones out there?
I know music theory doesn't change instrument to instrument, but what I am looking for is when they explain something I want it to show reference to a guitar fretboard and not sheet music.
Correct me if Im wrong, but isn't one of Music Theory's main lesson is sheet music?
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a good theory book will not be shown in tabs.

Edit: have a look through some of the lessons on this site.
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Theory doesn't require tabs - the whole point is you learn the notes on the fretboard, then you learn the notes and intervals of a scale and put the two together.
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I have that book. It's terrible.

Any theory book that is marketed towards guitarists is going to be incomplete, misleading, inaccurate, or a combination of those three. Try the lessons on this site or Music Theory for Dummies.