This one is an original that my band recorded today. Its a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal song. In the mindset of one of those "i love you but its not good for me" songs.
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recording quality was terrible. i there's this really farty sounding buzz. good metal style intro, but thought it could be a bit faster, with some snare and crash hits in there for a really epic feel. vocals were really...meh. the desperately need an eq cause they're really midsy and boomy. can't really understand them at all. i think you guys have potential, although you do need to spice up your song from that stereotypical 80's metal sound.

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Thanks for the crit. IMO it was a horrible vocal take and I'd like to do it again. Right now we dont have crap for recording or mics but were looking into a nice PA and we will definately record it again.
Come and See how good I look!

You Stay Classy, Ultimate Guitar
crappy recorded, but hey i am not that good at recording either, for some reason i hear potential in your voice, keep training, get a little more aggressive, maybe distort the voice a bit, the solos are alright, pretty standard, could be a bit more interesting

check out my stuff, not the same genre but still