Alright, so i have this Jackson dinky guitar(js20), i'm changing strings and fixing its intonation, using a digitech pedal(rp90) as a tuner, and then suddenly the tuner stops working (it just stopped changing from notes, staying on ''b'' no matter what string i played, i changed cables and still the ''b'' note, i even shut the pedal off and turned it on again but the same ''b'' note). I don't know whats going on, so i plug in my guitar to my amp, but the amp only makes this annoying and loud buzz, so i use one of my other chords, same thing( im saying to myself sh** i need to change two cords) but no!!! i plug in my other guitar, and it works just fine with both cords. I'm thinking its the digitech pedal that messed up my guitar, cause i even used a little amp to see what happened, and the jackson guitar just made that weird buzz again, but not the other guitar(which is a squier strat). Its really fu***** weird, cause i even used one of those cheap battery-powered tuners with the Jackson to see what happened, and it stayed on the same ''b'' note as the other tuner. Can anyone give their opinion about what'd i do wrong??

Btw, I double checked everything, i'm pretty sure nothing i wrote is false alarm or anything
check the input jack on your jackson, and the wiring as well. possibly it came loose and is sending feedback in the key of B back to the pedal.
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or the volume button is turned down.

UPDATE: If you have actives, try to put a battery inside it.
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or the volume button is turned down.

UPDATE: If you have actives, try to put a battery inside it.

js series doesn't have actives, duncan designed passives.
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it was the input jack, theres a little wire that came loose, i have to solder it

hey thanks everybody