As the title says, I'm looking for a new amplifier. Something that sounds good for Blues, Funk, Jazz, or Country. 8ohm impedience, and anywhere between 50-200 watts. I don't care if it's a guitar amplifier or a sterio amplifier. Here's the biggie, I only have a hundred dollars, so I don't care if it's mainstream or off-brand, as long as it sounds good. If it's slightly over then I may consider, and I would like specs, or a link to a site that shows the specs. Thankyou.
I have a cab, I just need the amplifier for it, It doesn't need to be anything special, I have something that would work as a master volume, as a few stereo amps don't have any controls, being ment to have a device before them.
Yeah you'll definitely need to keep saving.
You can't even get the worst head on the market for double that price.
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You could probably find a solid-state fender head for $100 used. The gain will be awful but you could live with the cleans. Nothing new costs $100 and is over 50 watts let alone even sounds good. Keep on savin' buddy.
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once you get up past 300$ you might start getting a few okay heads but you'll need alot more than 100$
Epiphone valve junior/Blackheart head and an OD...only 5 watts iirc

or a Blackstar Ht-5, although even thats 200+

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