Hi there,

AS per title i'm after a resource of free/paid sheet music aimed at the complete novice. I see that i may need a LOT of it as once you've kind of memorized a song in your head it's time to move onto another piece so you are always 'reading' it? Am i right?

Anyhow thanks in advance
I'd think most music shops (the ones that sell instruments, not the ones that sell CDs) would have a printed music section. I reckon the best bang for your buck in terms of lots of music for little cash would be "fake"/"real" books (check the blues and jazz sections). You might even find them in the music section of a bookstore, if you have a large enough bookstore around.

Complexity tends to vary from one song to the next, but there's generally enough there that you're not in any danger of accidentally memorising every song -- the couple of books I have each have about 230 different songs. Any time you want some sight-reading practise you can just flip to a random page and have at it, and as you first start out just pick some of the easier songs and work your way up to the harder ones.
Thanks for the reply dude, i got "The Real Book" on your recommendation and it's exactly what i was after.