my friend is offering to sell me one, but im not sure if i will ever need it, do most venues have p.a.s already ?
yeah but with a P.A system at your house, you will have a means to mic things and means to record with
yeah there isn't too much of a point in owning one.
It'd be good for the vocalist at band practice, but thats only if its big enough, how much does it cost?
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you'll need it if you want vocals to be heard at band practices and its the optimal choice for using acoustic guitars. a lot of smaller venues will not provide PA systems. venues that rarely do shows will probably not provide one either. for $50, if its a usable PA then go for it.

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I agree, go ahead and get it, it may come in handy down the road. I try never to say "No" to REAL cheap gear. sometimes I just have to wait. Im waiting now for enough money to buy a Mesa.
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Sunn's are pretty rare.I don't know about their P.A's but they're amps are well sought after.I wish I could get a P.A for $50.My band really needs one
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Dude $50 go for it
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Elaborate on P.A. system please. What exactly are you getting here for $50, a mixer, speakers, cables, mics? Or are you talking about something like just an active PA speaker.

Anyways, I agree that $50 isnt much assuming its not just a portion of a system. PA's are great with acoustics and also with multi-effects pedals like a digitech gnx4 or boss gt-10