I currently have no guitar. I had a Fender Fat Strat which I didn't really find any problems with, but I never really had a proper amp to play it. I no longer have the strat, but I was looking at other guitars becuase if I'm going to spend the money I might as well see whats out there. I play many different genres so I am really looking for a guitar that is very versatile. I want a guitar that can play hard rock and punk rock, but I would also like it to sound nice clean. Is a Strat the best guitar for this? That was my conclusion before, but I never had an amp that I could really get any distortion out of to see if it would sound good. (It's good to note that this is really my only guitar, I am still a beginner)
HSS Strats are versatile. Try different stuff out, see what works for you. This time save money for an amp though
To get the most of out a Strat, you need to use it with a good tube amp. An HSS strat is great, but if you plug it into a cheap 15 watt digital amp, you won't get the tone you'd expect from it. So save up for a good amp and a good guitar.
Get a Squire Affinity HSS strat, so you can spend more on your amp. Besides, the Squire HSS Strat is a pretty good guitar...
Price range is like $600-700 dollars for guitar, 200-300 for amp
So like 1 grand total
There are a lot of great guitars that arent over the 500 dollar range, in my books. A good Epi LP Plus top, a MIM HSS Strat, even some of the lower end ESP's are great! The Amp is important though, but It dosent need to be the best piece of gear you own. My suggestion is to find a great Guitar that you love, and look for a used tube combo on CL/eBay, as that may be the best option you have.

I look back and wonder, what was I thinking, getting a Frontman??? But I gig regularly, and Im stuck with it for now. It has a great clean tone, I dont care what anyone thinks. Anyhow, take the time to play some Guitars and Amps, and asl yourself, what do you want NOW....MORE.... If you like the sound, get an Amp and wait a while to upgrade your guitar. If you like the feel of a nice stick, go the other way.
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Quote by Hadeys
Price range is like $600-700 dollars for guitar, 200-300 for amp
So like 1 grand total

You would probably be better off dividing that $500 - $500. You can still get a decent guitar for that much, plus a better amp. The amp will make the most difference to your tone.
So go from a Strat to a Strat and a cheap SS amp to a more expensive SS amp. Hmmm
Now start again. Maybe better balance between guitar and amp? Like a nice Agile Les Paul and a small valve amp? That will give you a much better result all round.
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