hey all, im just wondering, what is the difference between the dual rectifier solo head and the dual rectifier tremoverb head? aside from the addition of reverb, like actual sound wise, can the tremoverb still pull off that real heavy crunching tone the solo head does??

just wondering because i was looking at a dual rect on ebay and came across a tremoverb. i play a lot of modern metal/metalcore stuff and dual rectifier are commonly used in this style of music, just wondering if i went for a tremoverb would it be the same.
The tremoverb will happily hit the tones the rectos are famous for on the red channel with the modern switch on. It just has the ability of doing a nice crunchy blues sound too which the other rectos dont do.
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The Trem-O-Verbs are way better than the Solo/Dual/Triple IMO. They're more similar to the older two channels and are just overall great sounding amps.
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I wanted to know to. I think the Rectoverbs and Tremoverbs can do some more bluesy sounds that the solo head can't do.
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