so i have a bc rich warlock bronze series. I've heard alot of nasty things about them but i like them. I'm rewiring it because i got it used and even though everything is soldered perfectly i get a terrible buzzing noise when i touch the strings. Naturally my first instinct was that it wasn't grounded to the bridge properly. It is attached to one of the pegs that the bridge sits onto so it SHOULD be alright, shouldn't it? Please PM me with any ideas or theories you may have about how to fix my dilemma.
do the solder joints look dull?

keep in mind its a cheap guitar i doubt its wiring is that good
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1) Start by checking ALL your grounds, not just to your bridge, but your PUs, pots, jack etc. If its not right, fix it.
2) What type of wire did you use to rewire the guitar? If you use an unshileded cable, you could get some hum. Also, did you make sure you properly cleaned ALL components before you solder them?

If you are not sure of what you're looking for, or want some critique of your work post some pics, and someone can say if your soldering needs work.