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Okay so i'm going to buy a new computer this week to record with and i'm kinda having an issue as to what i should buy.

I have the choice between getting an Apple Macbook Pro laptop or an Apple iMac desktop. The Macbooks specs look something like this:

Macbook $1000

Intel Duo Core processor @ 2.16 GHz
160 GB Hard drive (i dont remember the RPM. I think 7200?)

and the iMac

iMac $1200

Intel Duo Core processor @2.66 GHz
320 GB Hard drive (again I dont remember this)

My main question is would the Macbook's processor be enough to record? I'm going to be running a MOTU 8pre with Reaper or Logic on whatever I get so is it enough?

The differences I see are these

Macbook = Take anywhere to record.

iMac = Faster processing speed.

The hard drive isn't a big deal to me because I have an external hard drive and I never planned on saving most of the files to the computer itself.

So is the Macbook good enough or do I need the extra processing speed?
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Processor clock speed is less important for recording than hard drive speed and RAM.

If you can also put in 4GB of RAM once you get it, either would be fine and you probably wouldn't notice much if any difference in speed between the two.
Alright guys thanks. I think I'm gonna go with the Macbook and save the 200 bucks. I was planning on upping the RAM to 4 GB when I got it too so thanks for that suggestion.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
I have just a Macbook (not Pro) and it seems fine so far (year or so old, with firewire).

I'd suggest buying it with the least amount of memory possible, and then buy 4GB of memory elsewhere. You won't have any spare memory slots, meaning you're going to need to take out what's there to put your 4GB in, so the less you have to start with the less useless memory you have left over after the upgrade.
Don't worry, i use the same speeds on a windows and that gives me enough to record a full song with 2 gutars, 1 bas, 2 synths, drum track, and have MSN on too.

...And im using VSTs for guitar, bass and synths.

Mac's are even better to record, but they don't support VSTs. They use RTAS, which some major amp-sims and synth software are using. very few free ones.