I have for sale/trade a tokai springy sound from 1979

Open to offers or trades, looking for arounf £500 for it, all original and in a case
would swap/part ex for a tele deluxe or something like that
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The end of an era

ts all original,

.The guitar is in a hardcase, its an st-50 and is stamped so on the neck.

'Tokai' stamped nickel-plated tuners (Kluson-style with split shaft)
'Tokai' stamped nickel-plated bridge saddles
7-screw 1-ply scratchplate
Beautiful 2-piece ash body
5-spring tremolo with cast steel block
Spaghetti 'Tokai' logo
1-ply plastic backplate (tremolo cavity cover)
fine 1-piece maple neck
Original Japanese hardshell case