i know EMG 81and 60 are great for metal but i also like to play alot of slash angus yong style stuff (classic rock to hard rock) aswell as metal can i expect a great tone or should i look elsewhere

I'd look elsewhere. A nice set of duncans, or even bareknuckles would suit you much better.
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Seymour Duncan is the way to go.

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EMGS will do what you want if you get the right amp settings. But i gotta say you might want to look at Gibson Pups or BKPs like said above, with Bare Knuckles get a set of Mules
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i do still like playing metal alot but its really all rock

sounds like you would be better offwith a more versatile set of passives. maybe seymour duncan or dimarzio
Seymour's personal favorites Hot Rodded set with SH-2 Jazz model at the neck and SH-4 JB at bridge.
Or the Custom-5 model which came with my guitar. I originally wanted to replace it with the JB but decided not to. It rocks in it owns way

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Seeing as you are in the UK I wouldn't get Duncans. They are very expensive here. Instead I'd get a pair of Rock Monkey Pickups. They are baout the same price, handwound in the UK by Chris (CorderoyEW here). He has a 10% UG Discount too. I'm getting a pair from him soon!

I'd say a kit with a Warm Heritage in the bridge and a Smooth Heritage in the neck would work well.

If you're short on cash check out these. A Vemon in the bridge and a Condor in the neck would really well I'd say!
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I would go for Seymour Duncans. JB/Jazz, Custom 5, '59, one of those.

Or you could consider the post above. :p
id get some Seymour Duncans, ice got 1 in mine and its great havnt tryed any others tho
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