well post you faves............no pears.....please no pears

and of course

so post them....
I love the one with Kurt Cobain singing and the bear.

And this
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You sigged me, AND had an idea the same as mine!
I like you.

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XD not bad

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You're my hero.

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I must say, i love it!

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No they don't, and UG is proof...
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Too. Much. WIN!!!!

way to quote 7 pics in one go.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Ok, seriously, is this actually possible...

Because when you really think about it...I don't know...
Some win, some fail- could go without the caturday ****...overall I give the thread a 7.5/10
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I'm not quite sure if you were trying to be funny or if you have a learning disability, either way, I was not amused.

He is not amused.
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you are the best 09er EVER! i am sending you a friend request as soon as i send this