guys i kno this place is solely for guitars & stuff, but since many people from bands are here i would just like to know as to what vocal amps i can get within a "cheapskate" budget of $80-100.. so far i have dug up a Behringer S1220 Eurolive PA Speaker (280 Watts, 1x12 in.) which costs only $90.. i intend to use it only for band practise with 2 mics.. r there other brands out there which r better or should i go for this one??
Personally, I believe that Behringer is best avoided, although, at your budget, that will probably be your best bet. So I say, go for it, but save up some money for the future to get a proper 2 speaker/ Powered Mixer PA.
with my budget, i am goin nowhere.. lets see if i can get a speaker built in the local market.. all i need is a box that will not fry our brains with feedback once we put the mics in high volume.. i already have a small mixer..

but then i'll hafta steal the specifications from the brands.. God! i m not smart enuf for this!!! all this ohm & impedance & wattage **** is too heavy for me!!