I'm having an argument with my friend and I want to see, Does the amount of watts on an amp make a difference in the quality you get from the amp? I'm looking at a 30 watt amp and a 100 watt amp of the SAME SERIES. Would there be any difference in quality if they're in the same series?
You would get more headroom in a higher wattage amp (you could stay cleaner at higher volumes).

If you are thinking of the MG series, though, just ... move on.
Damn dude, don't get an MG.

Been there, learned that.
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Watts have absolutely nothing to do with quality.
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Watts have absolutely nothing to do with quality.

That. Having said that, though, bigger wattage means bigger transformers, which (I believe, not 100% sure here - please correct me) can lead to better bass response. However, the difference (if there is any) is minimal and it's not a reason to buy the bigger amp. Also, it indirectly affects tone because bigger wattage amps usually are either heads which can be matched with a high quality cab, or combos with larger or more speakers, which can make it sound better.
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Some tube amps with higher wattages in a series may use different varieties of power tubes, which would lead to a different but not necessarily 'better' sound.

For instance, the Budda Superdrive series goes from 18w up to 80w, with the 18w using 2 EL84s, the 30 using 4 EL84s, the 45 using two KT66es and the 80 using two 6L6es.
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depends on the series, sometimes the higher-wattage amps have more features etc., but in general:

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Watts have absolutely nothing to do with quality.


and also what fama and raijouta said.
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More headroom, but not bvetter quality, example, a blackstar ht-5 (5 watts) sounds way better than a marshall mg100fx(100watts).
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