This guitar caught my attention when i was doing some research, ive never gotten a real chance to play any of the SE Custom models, but ive heard some good things. Specifically the Paul Allender model in question, any body have any experience? The thing im most concerned with is the neck, i heard the pick ups are pretty good, but hows the profile on the neck? Fast? Slow? Chunky? Thin? Thanks guys.

it's a wide thin neck so better for fast solo playing.. i find the wide fat neck very comfortable, so what more the wide thin..
pickups are just the stock pup on any SE.. versatile enough.. it's better if you really try one out..

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i enjoyed playing this the last time i was at GC. it played very smooth and fast. the neck was kinda thin (not Ibanez status, but it was thin) and the tone was incredible. i didn't get a chance to try the stability of the trem, but i don't use a trem and dont have the need for one, i was just take the trem bar off and play it like that. but that's just me.
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I bought one a few months back and I love it. Stock Pups are great and the neck is a regular wide thin, there a few PRS's with the wide thin neck so if you can find one try it out. For me it is the perfect neck. When purchasing the guitar I played SG's and stuff and their neck's are far too thick however stuff like the Ibanez's neck's are far too thin for me. The tone is great for heavier stuff however, surprisingly the cleans are fucking unbelievable too. I was a bit hesitant about the cleans before trying it out but when I got the chance to give it a test run I was pleasantly surprised with how good it could handle cleans . Soon I'm gonna change the strings to 10's though. But yeah, the guitars tone is great and lets not forget about how awesome the paint job is. Damn it is sexy! I have lots of pics of mine if ya wanna see it, just give me a PM. Cheers. (Bats in flight inlays are awesome too.)
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