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Just wanted to get some advice/help on playing Dear Prudence. For those who know how to play the tune, how are you fingering the chord/notes during the verse phrases (the main riff)?

For example, my biggest trouble is with getting the C note (3rd fret, 5th string) after the opening D chord. I start out with a normal D-chord fingering (index-3rd, middle-1st, ring-2nd string), and the only logical way I can think of to hit the C-note for the next part is to use my pinky to reach way up there. When I do so though, I almost always end up muting the D-string mistakenly, when it should be played open. Does anyone else have this problem?

My hands are relatively smaller than most people I've compared to, so I suppose that might be an issue, or is that how most ppl finger it and just a matter of practice?

Much thanks, cheers,
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Use your pink on the second string to begin with. Then you can put your ring on the C. Then as you walk down, you will move your index finger on the A string, your ring on the G and your middle on the high E.
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Didn't even think about that.....

It's a bit awkward to jump into the pinky for the 2nd string after the intro, but it does help out a bunch during the verse walkdown. Time to practise

Thank you VERY much for your help!

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