Recently, my uncle gave me one of his old 1989 Fender Telecasters. It played great and sounded amazing through my Vox amp, but about a month ago, it started to sound wierd. I took it to a tech and he tuned up the electronics. The tone sounds a little clearer but a major problem still remains. Whenever I play, it seems like the pickups have lost strength or something. I dont get as much "punch" or drive, even when my amp is maxed out, and the sustain is minimal. It's harder to do hammer-ons and pull-offs because it seems like the pickups arent 'picking-up' the vibration of the strings. The notes just dont last as long. It's still the same after I took it to the tech. The only thing I can think of is that the pickups have gone bad, since I'm sure the tech checked out the pots and wiring when I took it in. I miss my rockin' guitar of old!! Any help would be appreciated.
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have you tried other guitar on your amp? maybe your amp has the problem? or cables?.. if not, you could always buy a new set of pup.. or have the stock pup rewound..

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try a different cable and make sure the two wires are still connected properly to the guitar's output jack.

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As above, try a diff cable and amp and if it's still not working then look at some new pups.

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When it's not plugged in, do you notice a decrease in sustain?
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Well this is probably why your Uncle gave it to you.

Is this Tele a 89 or a 79? Cause what your saying and what your sig says, is two different things.
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check your cables etc.
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check your cables and amp with another guitar, if possible, but that's a textbook case of pickups going bad.
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Well this is probably why your Uncle gave it to you.

Is this Tele a 89 or a 79? Cause what your saying and what your sig says, is two different things.

i was thinking the same thing
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