I use my Big Muff with the clean channel, and have the volume right up on the Muff to get this fuzzy tube break-up thing going on. But long term, is this gonna mess up the pre-amp?
Your tubes will wear out faster if you run the amp flat out all the time.
Ritchie Blackmore is what's called pushing a valve amp too much.
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If you crank the volume up on the amp and leave it that way all the time when it's on, then you may be pushing it too hard.

The only thing that might happen would be your tubes wear out faster, although some amps of yesteryear would catch fire (such as the VOX AC30, but those problems have been sorted out by now).
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Isn't his Major a modded 278 watt Marshall, how the heck can you push it that hard?

He had that at full volume, with an added preamp or two in his pedalboard.. That's gonna kill the preamps fairly quickly.

EDIT: Well, a better way of saying it is that he got it as loud and as heavy as he could just with the amp alone, and then pushed it further with the preamp, that used to be a tape deck. The amp itself is a fairly clean amp, with not a lot of gain compared to other Marshalls, and his sound his just huge, so he must have been running it pretty hard.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
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