Kinda bluesy, kinda sludgy, kinda metaly. When I hear it I think of a biker gang...BUT thats just me.
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Heard the biker gang too!
The riff itself is nice, but gets boring because its just repeating (that may also be because it's in guitarpro)
solo seemed a bit cheesy in the beginning, you could probably do something with more than 2 notes for 2 bars of 8/4
it kinda reminded me of straight to hell because it also starts with an acoustic guitar in drop c
overall it's surely something you could play with your band if you have one^^

crit mine?
- Intro was a little long, maybe shorten it up a bit.
- It was great when the whole band came in. Those riffs sound a lot better on electric, imo. The one at 23 was my favorite.
- 39 was sweet. Very minimalistic, but it caught my attention. Good rythm.
- The higher lead at bar 47 was just annoying. Maybe add some more notes in there. It sounds a little TOO simple.
- Solo was better.
- I like how you switched up the drums at 67.
- The bass on the end sounded off.

Overall, very good song 8/10. It had a straight up rock feel to it that I really liked. Just shorten up the intro and maybe fix some of those melodies. Good job.

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