A guy I work with is selling a Johnson acoustic guitar. He bought it about 3 years ago brand new for 150 , in hopes of learning to play. it's only been played a few times, and it comes with case, capo, and a few song books. He's wanting 75 for it. does anybody know if there any good.
I have never heard of it but tbh, if your a beginer, all acoustics sound the same and that is quite a good deal...
I have one. It's alright I guess. The sound's kinda bland.

I keeps it in my trunk and fucks with it when I'm on the go.
For 75 bones, that's pretty good.
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i've got a johnson acoustic. it works and plays so i'm not gonna replace it considering i dont play acoustic often. only thing is that the truss rod in mine does nothing. i adjust it and it feels as though there is no tension on it and the next day nothing has happened. probably just mine tho.
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I already own a really good morgan monroe acoustic. Im thinking about buying it just for the case
Sounds like a cheap generic Far East make to me. My girlfriend just got a brand new acoustic for £40 and it plays well and sounds decent enough - the standard has got much higher in recent years.