Hey, is the B52 AT-112 the best tube amp for 350$ ? I play Metalcore and use an RP250 so would it be good for me ? Anything which is in the same price but better ? And how does the Vypyr 30Watt compare to it ?
i have not played it because im in europe. but i didnt hear 1 bad thing about it here on UG, i have only heard great things about it. and it is also in that thread with the amp things.. official amp thread maybe? the one with all the price classes etc. help me out here lol
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I have and gigged with it, and yes i would say its the best, although if you taint any tube amp with that digitech pedal you will be killed.
where did you find it for 350? i thought it was a little more then that. id recomend ditching the RP for an OD.
I've played the solid state stack. It is pretty beasty. I haven't tried the tube combo though, but everything from the company pretty much blows everything out of the water.
As above, we don't get them over here, but the word on UG is they are great for the price. I think I saw something on here somewhere that the reverb is quite unreliable though, but everything else seems to be up to par.
Are there no dealers in europe specifically in the UK
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Are there no dealers in europe specifically in the UK

I've not seen any on websites like GAK or Thomann or and shops I've seen in Scotland. A pitty, I'd probably buy one if I could.