Anyone ever heard of this? any experiences with it. I know it's a solid state, and to most on there, that's like the devil, but i have seen some demo's of it and it seems to sound great. Problem is i can't really find much about it so if anyone here can give me some helpful advice or comments on it (by helpful i mean not saying stuff like all solid state's are for noob's and all tube's are amazing, when that's clearly not the case, that would be great!!
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Laney has made some good SS stuff, but that looks like an overgrown practice amp. For $350 you could do a lot better.

What would you suggest then?
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Depends what sort of amp you want! Are you gigging? What sort of tones do you like?

nope, at least not yes, i like 80's hair metal type tone, ratt, motley crue, ozzy osbourne..
capable also though of some thrash metal, and classic rock, that's about all i need, and a decent clean channel

under $400 for the head